Come join us for a day of gaming fun!


Carefree Gaming Events Co. hosts community gaming events in New England for gamers of all ages to enjoy.  If you are interested in coming to a CGE gaming event, see the Upcoming Events page!

Our gaming events consist of both competitive and casual gaming.  Take part in our tournaments if you want a chance to win some great prizes.  Outside of tournament play, we play some of everything - games such as Overwatch and Terraria in our bring your own computer (BYOC) LAN area, Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart on consoles, and Magic the Gathering on tabletop.  We want everyone to have a great time, so if you have any game or tournament suggestions please get in touch us on our Contact Us page.  For more information on the tournaments we play at the events see the Upcoming Events page.

If you would like to stay informed of all upcoming CGE events without needing to check our website, please join our mailing list. It’s a great way to stay in the loop.