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Carefree Gaming Events Corp. (CGE) was founded in June of 2017 with the mission to connect likeminded individuals in order to create a local community of gamers.  This community is grown through gaming events that include PC local area network (LAN) parties, multiplayer console gaming, and tabletop gaming.

Gaming events hosted by CGE are gatherings of local gamers with a common interest - gaming. We believe that playing games together in person is an unrivaled experience. Whether it’s playing an FPS on your PC against the player across the room, fighting in Smash against the person next to you on the couch, or enjoying a great board game with friends, being in the same room with the person you’re playing a game with is a lot of fun.

We are named Carefree Gaming Events because we want you to be carefree when you join us for an event. Our founder Nathan McNeff started to find that as an adult with a job and a family it was hard to find the time to enjoy his favorite hobby - playing games. He started planning events with friends so that he could fit gaming into his life again. CGE was founded as a way to create this experience for others while making new friends and helping others find time for stress-free gaming in their busy lives.