CGE Offline #1

Saturday, October 5, 2019 at the Marion Gerrish Community Center

39 W Broadway, Derry, NH 03038


We are excited to announce a new style of event, what we are calling CGE Offline. Unplug yourself from the internet as you join us for 6 hours of gaming fun. There will be no PC LAN at this event.

For this event we will be running a team race of Mario 64! Join your team as you try to finish this retro classic in as fast a time as possible. Let the nostalgia flow through your fingers and let your muscle memory take over as you stomp Goombas, collect stars, and defeat Bowser quicker than the other team.

Pizza will be included in the ticket price for this event, so bring your appetite with you. Drinks will not be included, so also bring some drinks with you.

Buy your ticket now to take advantage of our special early pricing, $5 off until one week before the event. The sale price will end at 12:00am the morning of Sunday, September 29.